A complete construction system for highly heat-insulated homes!

Construction system for well insulated houses

Would you like to build a house with excellent thermal insulation? Our company Euromac2 offers a complete, technologically advanced building solution thanks to three flagship products: insulating formwork blocks, insulating formwork slabs and insulating roof panels. These products enable you to build a real bubble of comfort in which to live.

Insulating formwork blocks for solid walls

The insulating form block is made up of two expanded polystyrene slabs with metal reinforcement, into which concrete is poured. It allows you to build solid walls with exceptional energy performance. Thanks to this system, you no longer need to add extra insulation to your home. The EUROMAC2 insulating formwork block eliminates thermal bridges, guarantees the best possible airtightness and effectively prevents any risk of condensation!

The insulating formwork slab to complete the thermal insulation of walls

What's the point of having good wall insulation if your floor lets in the cool air? That's why Euromac2 has developed a system that provides a real thermal barrier. Our insulating formwork slabs eliminate thermal bridges and withstand very high operating loads. They are ideally suited to insulating crawl spaces and basements, and are sized to suit your projects.

Insulating roof panels for added comfort

Our insulating, self-supporting roof panels create an envelope that doesn't let heat escape to the outside in winter or to the inside in summer. They can be used with all types ofarchitecture and finishes. So your roof is effectively protected against wind and tide!

A standard-compliant construction system

Our building system is ready to meet the RE2020 and is certified by the Passiv'Haus Institut. It can meet the insulation requirements of a certified passive house.

Euromac2 is the partner of choice for private and professional builders of thermally-insulated single-family homes !

Are you planning to build a passive house or would you like information on EUROMAC2 certified products ? Contact our team of professionals to discuss your project!