EUROMAC2 simplifies the Group's capital structure

Euromac2 Folschviller plant

A few months ago, we embarked on a process of administrative and organizational simplification within our Group. 

This operation, known as aTransfert Universel de Patrimoine, consists in the merger of an entity with its sole shareholder, and has no impact on the financial strength of our company. Ultimately, it results in the disappearance of the absorbed company, which explains the delisting of the entityEUROMAC2. In the course of this operation, our parent company, initially calledEUROSTYRENE, also took over the name "EUROMAC2", which is known to the general public throughout Europe as a leading company in the manufacture and sale of very high thermal performance building materials. This entity has a share capital of €8,000,000 and is registered under SIREN number 339 412 587 with the Sarreguemines Trade and Companies Register. 

EUROSTYRENE, renamedEUROMAC2, is substituted forEUROMAC2.
In practice, this means that all the contracts, commitments and obligations ofEUROMAC2are now transferred toEUROSTYRENE, renamedEUROMAC2

Please do not hesitate to ask your usual contact for further information. 

General Management.