Our certified insulating formwork block

Once again, our Insulating Formwork Block has had its Avis Technique renewed until 2029.    

Avis Technique is the opinion formulated by a group of experts, in this case the CSTB, on the conformity of an innovative construction process.

The term Avis Technique is used interchangeably with Avis Technique and Document Technique d'Application (DTA). Following a collective assessment, the committee decides on the suitability of the products for use, and issues the Avis Technique.


Avis techniques and Documents Techniques d'Application.

TheAvis Technique (Atec) provides a diagnosis of products for a specific use.

The Document Technique d'Application (DTA) is comparable to the avis technique, but covers only requests concerning a product, which is CE-marked. The Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) is responsible for issuing ATECs and DTAs.

Find our DTA and all our documentation in our Download Center.